Trusting The Transiton

March 26, 2019


(in my best Sarah Jakes-Roberts voice)…… 2019 started of Roc-ky!

The first few months have been filled with a lot of transitions & changes both expected and unexpected. Oddly, the moment my lips uttered to complain, God reminded me of my ‘18 end of year prayer. Each year for the past four years, I’ve brought in the new year at church followed up by intimate private prayer for new goals, new mindsets,  & new opportunities for the upcoming year. I no longer make “New Years Resolutions” because let’s be real…after a few weeks those die off like afterthoughts in our limited minds. Instead I pray. I ask God to transition me. Redefine me. Perfect those things concerning me. That also includes moving and removing anything & anyone hindering me from my purpose. I also had to take some hard long looks at myself. Acknowledging the ugly unattractive parts of me. For a minute it got rough and uncomfortable. As he began to do these works in me, things started to get questionable yet I heard him say…”but you asked for this”. 

Oh but I did!...& I meant it! 

I knew that I was just plain exhausted. Worn out from being the same person, doing the same things. Although each year had its own differences, familiarity became more and more comfortable. I needed to shift my perspective & surrender my wants truly trusting God to deliver them in a way HE deemed necessary and befitting. Yet my lack of faith hindered my motivation for true change. The truth is I only halfway trusted God. I felt the need to still be in control, that way I knew for sure things in my life would turn out exactly as I saw fit. Unfortunately, that was no longer working for me.  Sometimes we pray and ask God for things believing that he won’t do them more than he will. Alternative Facts! The truth is he will blow your mind according to His time, His will, & His way! Big Facts!

Although we are only just a few short months into the year, I’ve learned some remarkable life lessons throughout my transitioning period:

There is GOOD in Goodbye

-I used to feel like I had to explain why people no longer were allowed to take up space in my life, because thats simply all they were doing. I felt that there had to be a justification or closure before I removed either myself or the other party. Listen, one thing I’ve learned is that everyone you meet and encounter is NOT meant to be in your life forever and THATS OKAY! Although it hurts, you have to be willing to accept that some people come into your life simply to take. They see you as valuable to them in a way, but not valuable enough to stay. Take in the lessons you learned, wish them unlimited blessings, & adjust accordingly. What & who are meant to stay will never leave. Believe that when God tells you No, it’s because he has A Better Yes! 

People & Things aren’t what they POST to be

-Oddly even as a blogger, I am not a fan of social media for a number of reasons. Mainly because approx 85% of it is FAKE NEWS. Social media will have you sitting on the couch crying, with a bowl of ice cream scrolling & questioning everything about your life. All you see is the perfect relationship, the perfect marriage, the perfect vacations, and everybody is seemingly rich! Lies, it’s all lies I tell you. Those are single moments captured amongst MANY thay are not pictured! Think about it, if you have time to post it all….how much are you really enjoying your life! Remember… Comparison Kills!

God is looking for praise NOT perfection

-You can put up a continued farce for people, but  you will never be able to fool GOD. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, ubiquitous, & illimitable. He knows our very thoughts before we think them. Our every move before we make them. Which means he knew we would mess up before we do. He knew we would make and endless number of mistakes. He gave us FREE WILL for a reason. Having free will does not imply that we can do whatever we want without suffering the consequences, but understanding that he loves us enough to get us out of the messes that we put ourselves in. GRACE No matter how many times we fall astray…just like the Prodigal Son…he just wants us to come back home! He is ALWAYS there with arms wide open. He’s such a gentleman. 

Its not enough to entertain the thought, experience the reality.

-Many of us have a list of things we want to do and accomplish, yet how many of us are physically moving through that list. Are we just sitting around imagining what would & could be? If so, why? For me, one of my biggest fears is being mediocre. I never want to look back over my life wishing I had done more of something. You don’t have to SETTLE! Settle for that basic job, that toxic struggle love, or a lifetime of abandoned dreams/goals.God wants you to have everything your heart desires. EVERYTHING! The question is do you really believe you’re deserving? One of the hardest and biggest struggles I’ve had to date was learning that I do deserve happiness! I shouldn’t compromise or apologize for wanting what God told me was rightfully mine when he created me. I stand on his word and his word promises me life more abundantly. The more I understand that, the more I live out-loud. I’m no longer trying to just entertain the thought, I’m experiencing the reality! 

There is no passion in settling for a life less than you are capable of living. 

So if your year started off similar to mine, don’t count it out just yet. For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

TRUST the transition!

Ecclesiastes 7:8 – “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning” & Patience is better than pride”.

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