D.N.R (Do Not Resuscitate)

September 10, 2018

….Stop Giving Life to Dead Situations

How many times are we guilty of trying to revive things, situations that no longer serves us purpose? I know that I am in the number. Let’s be clear, though: that doesn’t only refer to things that are already over.It’s also about the things you ‘want’ to be over, but you haven’t yet found a way to let go of. One of my favorite quotes that I frequent quite often says…“Renew, Release & Let Go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something today. Renew yourself & Release that attachment.”– Steve Maraboli

Easier said than done right? I know all too well. I’m the epitome of a second chance giver & sometimes even a third. However in this new season, I’ve learned to hit the door on people and NOT look back. Sometimes you don’t even need to give an explanation. Now if the opportunity presents itself, awesome. However, I’ve learned not to go out of my way explaining to people why their time is up in my life. One of my daily prayers includes asking God to remove anything or anyone hindering me from my purpose. He acts FAST! I’ve lost close friends, companions, and even some associates & you know what? I’m perfectly okay with it. The saying is true…”elevation does require separation”.  Everyone can’t go where God is trying to take you. Change and growth are inevitable. 

It’s amazing how we start off iron sharp in relationships/friendships with people. We come into their lives with much life, love, and substance. Offering the very great parts of ourselves with little in return. Yet over time, they start to dull us moment by movement until we are no longer sharp. Their problems become our problems. Their drama becomes our drama. Their pity and regret for self made decisions and poor choices become the barriers and burdens we carry. 

Listen, Chile Jesus paid it all, so you don’t have to! It’s not your job to save anyone. It truly is okay to …LET GO! I haven’t lost a friend yet that I want back. A relationship yet that I want back. God never takes away anything without replacing it with better. FACTS!

I’ve had people tell me that I’ve changed, I’m not the person/friend I used to be. LOL, thank you! *takes a curtsy* …All praises to God. If you knew me back then, you have no idea where He’s taking me now. I make no apologies. When you ask God to take you to higher planes, it requires a grooming process. He can’t take you to where you’re destined to go if you have people, things, & dead situations detaining you. God said himself, let the wheat and the tares grow together and during the harvest, I will separate the two. During your season of harvest, all of the dead roots have to be pulled so that the good seeds you’ve planted can become ripe and ready to bloom. Sometimes our friends, boo, and sadly even family mean us more harm than good. Everyone wants to see you doing good, until you’re doing better than them. If they can’t break you, they hate you.

It’s imperative that God separates you. Sometimes it costs us the very things and people we love and think we need. I’ve learned to not question his work, but to simply reverence in gratefulness with anticipation of the blessings to come. 

Yesterday, I reflected on the life lived by one of my favorite fashion Bloggers-Kyrzada Rodriguez @kyrzada_ …….who was diagnosed with stomach cancer late last year and went home to cat walk the heavenly runway yesterday afternoon. She was only in her late 30’s with so much life left to explore. I have shopped from her site and followed her on IG for years. I watched her journey daily as she selflessly encouraged and inspired others to LIVE while she was battling life itself. With every reason she had to complain, give up or in, she yet remained full of FAITH! She pushed the sentiments of never settling, never second guessing, never apologizing, and being authentically happy within your being. In literally her last days, she went live on IG this past week pleading to all of her followers and fans to cherish every moment of life. It was received and my heart felt connected with every word she physically exerted. If a woman of her stature who had every right to be disconcerted by life and it’s mishaps could use each ounce of time she had left on earth, knowing it was short lived, to be free from bondage even through sickness…what excuse did I have? I absolutely couldn’t think of just one. 

In essence, my purpose in summation is to encourage you to stop giving life to those things/people who are merely holding you back. You can’t be everything to everyone! I know I’ve said that so many times before, but it’s so accurate. 

You will never be good enough for those things that aren’t meant for you. God has already pre-planned your life. Who and what it includes meshes perfectly if only you allow him to do his great works. Romans 8:28 says..”ALL things work together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose”.  Soon enough you will learn how to love and how to exist with love in ways that you never knew. You will learn how to love yourself and how to empathize with and forgive those who may have taken a bit of that pure love away from you. So, there’s really no stress. No need to break your own back, giving CPR to things and people who no longer serve you purpose. Jesus said “I am the way ,and the truth , AND the life”. Wish them well, and go on living your life well. 

Life isn’t always easy, but it’s fruitful. 



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