I pray that you are inspired!

Hi, I’m Sharnika

Hello, I am Sharnika T. Thomas. A Memphis,TN native & healthcare professional. (Occupational Therapy). A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. My passion for writing & public speaking began early as a young child with many mentors, educators, and crazy faithful parents who knew that I was born “set apart”. (Literally) -there is a testimony-

I have hovered around the idea of blogging for some time. Fear caused me to hasten my gift and question my assignment. Being a very private person, the public eye was not ideal. Sharing some of my imperfections/experiences with others heightened my anxiety. However, I am an obedient servant & faith walker; which means that I walk by faith trusting what’s to follow. God revealed to me that through my experiences, innovative ideas, & sharing of them, HE would use me as a vessel to inspire others.

NobleNika is a housing ground for relatable content full of transparency through my love of writing in hopes to bring courage to others. An outlet to reveal the Noble Woman in all women. With this blog, I plan to give a vivid entry into my world, in hopes to break down all archetypes and stereotypes that you see of young black women. I hope to encourage you to look beyond the surface and embrace your own journey.

Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.

Learn more over on the blog about three topics that are near and dear to me. Faith, Lifestyle, & Health/Wellness. Let’s get more acquainted!